A hugely successful private view evening at the Forty Five show a couple of weeks back – here are some cracking photos to prove it, courtesy of Tara Newell. Spot the baby.


Recently we’ve been working on a project called Word M’art with poet/artist/children’s author Sally Crabtree. She’s transforming a shop in the Market House, St Austell, into an interactive art space for children and adults, based on her stories and poems. One of her stories, The Big-Headed King, features prominently in the space, and Elephanté (plus the wonderful Sarah Smith) worked on illustrations and decorations for the story … You can find out more about Sally and the Word M’art project by clicking right here.

Preparation for Elephanté’s first ever exhibition at Forty Five on Ebrington Street. Starts May 25th and runs for two weeks. Private view at 8pm tomorrow, right after the illustration show in Roland Levinsky. Get involved.

Here we go … first post. The birth of Elephanté!

A couple of months ago we got involved with painting the window display for the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival and Plymouth Polish Festival, on the front of the Roland Levinsky building. Can’t take all the credit for this – there were twenty+ illustrators working on it, using a mixture of paint, ink and marker pens, and taking inspiration from traditional Polish designs. Here are a few photos, with Fran posing inadvertently.